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Welcome to West Whiteland Township's Development Education Hub!

There has been lots of buzz around the development and new construction projects in the Township. 

Why so many apartments? What is going to happen to the mall? Will we still have green space? Do residents get any say in what happens here?

In fact, the Township has been very busy planning for the development AND finding effective ways to let the community know what is happening and voice an opinion. Please take advantage of the information featured here to learn how these development decisions are made, and to provide feedback on what YOU would like to see in the Township!

Development Newsletter

Development Newsletter Cover

Check out our special edition newsletter - All About Development. This will be mailed to all residents and businesses in the Township. Learn more about:

  • West Whiteland Township as a Crossroads Community
  • The future of Exton Square Mall
  • What the Township can (and can't do) to control development
  • Forming a unique community identity - Urban Land Institute report
  • Present and proposed development map
  • Planning history timeline
  • Apartments
  • Survey - What would you like to see in Exton Crossroads?

Click to complete online - What would YOU like to see in Exton Crossroads?


Video - "Development in West Whiteland: A Crossroads Community"

Development Video Intro Screen

ULI Report - The Crossroads: Developing a Unique Town Center Identity

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What Are They Building Now? Detailed information on the newest building projects


Township Planning Strategy

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