Permitting Process 453

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Submit Application

Go to our online permit portal to complete a permit application for the proposed new construction, remodeling or addition of an accessory structure.

Contractors Licenses are not required by the Township.

Review Process

Once your online application, plans, insurance and payment have been received by the Township, everything will be reviewed for compliance with all construction codes, zoning ordinances and all other related municipal or state ordinances and statutes. 

The review period takes a minimum of five business days from the date the completed paperwork is received with a maximum review period of 30-60 days. Timing depends on the complexity and the completeness of the application.     

Results of Review Process 

Once compliance with the code, zoning ordinance and other applicable regulations is determined, the application is approved, and sent via email to the applicant as “Approved Permit”. If compliance is not determined, your application will be returned/denied, and you can correct the code violations or appeal the decision.

Permit Issued 

The code official will issue the permit after appropriate fees have been collected. A building permit is not valid unless all applicable permit fees have been paid.

The building permit is the document granting legal permission to start construction. You MUST have an approved permit BEFORE starting work. 

Work must proceed as noted on the permit. Post the approved permit in a prominent place at the construction site, with a copy of the building plans. 

Any proposed changes must be brought to the attention of the building inspector and design professional immediately for review and approval.

Schedule Inspection Visits

Required inspections will be listed on the permit. If an inspector finds that some work does not conform to approved plans, the inspector will advise (and possibly provide written notice) that the situation is to be remedied. If the violation is serious, a stop work order may be posted until the problem is resolved. Additional inspections may be required before work is resumed.

Inspection requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling 610-363-9525 x 2157 for Township inspections. For third-party electrical inspections, contact information will be included on your permit,

Please note permit number and address when requesting an inspection.

Certificate of Occupancy Issued

This certificate is the formal document which marks the completion of your commercial construction project and gives you permission to occupy your new or renovated space with the knowledge that it has met the safety standards in your community.

All other construction projects (residential) will receive a final inspection approval certificate at the completion of the project.