Pipeline Construction Update

Construction Methods

Energy Transfer (which bought Sunoco) continues to construct the Mariner East 2 and 2X pipelines in West Whiteland Township through their contractor, Michels. Construction is not expected to be completed until some time in 2021. 

Where you see large sound walls around pipeline construction sites, Energy Transfer is installing pipes deep underground via horizontal directional drilling (HDD). 

Where HDD does not work because of geology or other factors, Energy Transfer is opening trenches and installing the pipe where they can and boring underneath other areas, such as roads and streams, where they cannot. 

Mariner East 2 and 2X Construction Update

(updated September 28, 2020)

Shoen Road north to Devon Road in Uwchlan Township - Construction method: HDD; drill site at Whiteland West Apartments 

Status: After being shut down since October 2019, Energy Transfer resumed drilling at the Shoen Road drill site in late July. They were temporarily shut down again in mid-August but have resumed drilling again.  The 1st pipeline was installed at the end of Sept.  The 2nd pipeline is expected to be installed by the end of the year.

Shoen Road south to Coeway Lane - Construction method: open trench, except for boring under the stream and Route 100;  Status: DONE

Coeway Lane to Swedesford Road - Construction method: open trench, except for boring under Exton Lane and Swedesford Road;  Status: DONE

Swedesford Road to Laborers Training Center - Construction method: open trench, except for bores under wetlands, woods and Lincoln Highway 

Status: Both pipelines are installed under Swedesford Road to just past the library.  ET also completed boring and installed both pipes under Lincoln Hwy and the Chester Valley Trail. 

Prep started for the remaining work, which consists of boring under wetlands and the remaining open trench work between the bores, but has been on hold since August.  Energy Transfer applied to DEP for a minor modification of their permit to allow for a geotechnical investigation near the stream.  

Laborers Training Center to Exton Station/Stonegate Court - Construction method: HDD for the 16”; under DEP review for the 20” 

Status: The 16” pipe was installed via HDD and led to the subsidence by Lisa Drive. ET  applied for a major modification of their DEP permit to allow for open trench construction for the 20” pipe, except for under the railroad and 30 bypass where they would bore. The permit was issued on Sept. 22nd.  Work is expected to begin soon.

Stonegate Court to Pullman Drive - Construction method: HDD; drill site at Stonegate Court;  Status: DONE

Pullman Drive to Ship/Boot Road (Corner Park Apartments) - Construction method: HDD; drill site by Corner Park Apartments;  Status: DONE

Ship/Boot Road to 202 drill site in West Goshen Township - Construction method: HDD; drill site by Corner Park Apartments  

Status: The 16” pipeline is installed.  Horizontal directional drilling is underway for the 2nd pipeline and expected to be completed in October.  Restoration should be completed in the fall.