Snow Removal

When the snow is falling, it is important to remember that West Whiteland Township has a number of safety precautions that are enforced in order to protect the safety of all of our residents and visitors.

The information on this page provides general guidance about parking, plowing and snow removal. For specific details, including violations and penalties, see our Snow Removal and Winter Parking Ordinance.

Hello Winter

Snow & Ice Removal

Owners or tenants are responsible for clearing the snow from the sidewalk adjacent to each property, as well as any snow around a fire hydrant that is on each property, within 24 hours of the snow event.

Businesses are required to have all sidewalk cleared within 24 hours of the snow event.

Snow and ice may not be placed into public streets, gutters or sewer inlets. You may not obstruct a fire hydrant or restrict the sight distance for motor vehicles. 

We recommend waiting to clear the end of your driveway after the street is plowed from curb to curb.

Winter Parking

It is unlawful to park motor vehicles, trailers or equipment on any street two hours after the start of a continuous snowfall until the snow has been completely plowed for the full width of the street.

Vehicles that park on streets during snow storms may be removed at the owner's expense.

Road Treatment/Snow Plow Process

Snow removal is very important in West Whiteland Township from a safety standpoint. This is our snow removal process: 

  • If dry snow is forecast, within 48 hours of the first flake, all Township roads will be treated with brine (a salt water mixture).
  • As soon as the snow begins to stick on the roads, salt will be placed on all Township-owned roads. 
  • When snow is three inches deep, plowing will begin. However, if there will only be four or five inches of snow, we may wait until the snowfall ends before plowing. 
  • If it is going to be an extended snow, six inches or more, the staff will continuously plow to make certain that all of the Township roads are open, so a fire truck, ambulance or police officer is able to access any area of the Township. 
  • Within six hours of the end of the snow, we anticipate having all the Township roads cleared full width. We try first to keep all of the roads open and then come back and do a full width plowing after the snow has ended. 

Reporting Problems

If you need to report a problem regarding plowing, a damaged mailbox or other snow-related issue, please complete this form. The appropriate staff member will be in touch.

Note: Please remember, many of the roads in the Township are state roads and therefore maintained by PennDOT. For problems with state roads, you will get the fastest response by calling PennDOT directly at 484-340-3200.