Inspections-Fire Prevention

The Township regularly conducts fire prevention inspections of properties. These preemptive measures are in place for the safety of our residents, businesses and visitors and to prevent the loss of belongings or property. 

You will receive a notice of inspection via mail, two weeks prior to inspection. Please reference the fire inspection report* to do a self-inspection prior to us inspecting the property.

Fees for fire prevention inspections are based on the square footage size of the building, according to the following table.

Square FeetFee
0 - 1,000$35
1,001 - 3,500$50
3,501 - 12,000$70
12,001 - 36,000$90
36,001 - 50,000$125
50,001 - 100,000$175
Over 100,000$250
Re-inspectionNo fee

*  West Whiteland Township has adopted the 2015 International Fire Code. The purpose of the code is to establish the base-level requirements consistent with the nationally recognized good practice for providing a reasonable level of life safety and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion, or dangerous conditions to the buildings and structures within the Township.