Damaged Mailbox Policy

If your mailbox or post is damaged due to snow removal operations, please notify the Township of damage within twenty-one (21) days of a snow event to receive reimbursement or request a new standard black mailbox and/or standard wood post installed by the Department of Public Works. 

Please complete the mailbox replacement form to report the damage. Any questions, please email or call the Public Works Department at 484-875-6020.


The Township will reimburse the property owner up to $100 for a mailbox and post that the owner purchases and installs. A receipt for the new mailbox will be required.

Without a receipt, the Township will reimburse the resident $20 for the mailbox and $25 for the post.

Reimbursement will be for materials only. Labor for installation will not be reimbursed.


The Township will purchase and install a standard mailbox and/or standard wood post or the Township will install a mailbox and standard metal or wood post purchased by the homeowner.

Fine print: If it is determined that the mailbox was improperly installed or maintained (too close or leaning into the road), or if it is determined that the mailbox was not impacted by Township snowplows, reimbursement will not be provided.