Bids & RFPs

West Whiteland Township strives to make vendor-township relations pleasant, professional and beneficial for both you and the Township. Procurement will be carried out in an effective, economical, open, fair and impartial manner. Our system ensures awards to the lowest responsible bidder who complies with our specifications.

All bidders will be afforded equal opportunity to quote and to compete in all areas. West Whiteland Township uses PennBid, a web-based service for formal bidding. Registration through PennBid is free and allows suppliers to update and change their information at any time. In order to receive notifications of our bids you must register on PennBid.

Open Bids

Visit open bids.

Purchasing Thresholds

Up to $1,000 One quote (written or telephone)
 $1,000.01-$12,200 Three written or telephone quotes
 $12,200.01-$22,500 Three quotes via PennBid Quick Quotes or telephone/email
 $22,500.01+ Formal invitation to bid

NOTE:  Changes to dollar limitations are adjusted each year for consistency with PA Department of Labor and Industry guidelines.

Formal Bid

When formal bids are required, several steps are involved:

  1. Services and purchases in excess of $22,500 must be bid. (Series of smaller purchases to avoid formal bidding is illegal).
  2. Specifications are prepared.
  3. The Board of Supervisors authorizes advertisement of the bid notice at a public meeting.
  4. An advertisement is placed on our Township website and in The Daily Local (two times) at least ten days preceding the last day set for the opening of bids.
  5. All vendors registered on PennBid will be electronically notified.
  6. There will be a formal bid opening.
  7. Bids must be approved and awarded by the Township Board of Supervisors.

Bonding Requirements

All formal bids require a Performance Bond (100 % of Contract Price) due before the contract signing.

Any formal bid over $5,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair of any public work or improvement shall require a Labor and Material Bond to assure payment to all subcontractors or vendors (100 % of Contract Price), due before the contract signing.

Bid Security

Each bid shall be accompanied by a Bid Bond signed by a surety company authorized to do business in Pennsylvania in the amount equal to ten (10%) percent of the bid total or a certified check, an irrevocable letter of credit or bank check in an amount equal to ten (10%) percent of the bid total.


Prior to commencing work, vendors shall provide, at their own expense, certificates of insurance and additional insured endorsements naming West Whiteland Township as additional insured.


West Whiteland Township is a member of the following professional organizations- Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association (PAPPA) and National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP).

Cooperative Bids

West Whiteland Township is included in the following cooperative bids: fuel, electricity, office supplies, envelopes, custodial supplies, mulch and copy paper.