Open Records - Right to Know Requests

Anyone who submits a right-to-know request will be able to examine or copy public records during the Township's regular business hours. Fees for copying will be charged in accordance with our annual fee schedule.
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We will provide you the information requested or a notification that your request has been denied within five business days. Please allow five business days from the date that you submit the form before following up on your request with us.

Please note, to request an accident report, please call Sara Rosazza at 610-363-0200, x2112.

Right to Know Law

The Pennsylvania "Right to Know" law requires municipalities to provide access to "public records" which is specifically defined by the law. The Right to Know law defines "public records" to include financial accounts, minutes, orders or decisions, regardless of physical form or characteristics. In addition, other Pennsylvania laws provide that specific information, such as permit applications, are available to the public. It is the Township's intent to conform to all state laws governing the access of public records.

Criminal History Record Information is not obtainable under the Right to Know Law. Persons wishing to obtain criminal history information should submit a request to the Pennsylvania State Police.

Information may be examined or copied in the form available to the Township at the Township's municipal building. The Township is not required to sort information, extract data or prepare reports in formats which are not in the Township's possession. The Township is not required to release public records to the custody of others.

Please read Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Act for more information.

Right-to-Know Documents