Stormwater Management

Stormwater: Keep It Clean! Slow It Down! Soak It In!

Stormwater is water from rain and melting snow and ice. Stormwater can soak into the soil, be held on the surface and evaporate or run off and end up in a nearby stream, river, lake or wetland. The major purpose of stormwater management is to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of stormwater leaving the site.

Other goals of stormwater management include protecting our environment; reducing flooding; reducing flow on adjacent properties; supporting healthy streams and rivers; and decreasing damage to transportation and utility infrastructure.

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SWM Runoff Diagram

Not only does West Whiteland Township have a comprehensive Stormwater Management Ordinance that contains stormwater management standards and regulations, but there is also a county-wide Stormwater Management Plan for Chester County. We take stormwater management seriously and we hope you do too.

View West Whiteland Township's MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan

There are many ways that you can help project our stormwater!

Individual residents

Practice healthy household habits for your lawn and vehicle!