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Township parks, park facilities and amenities are open dawn to dusk each day and can be reserved by small groups. 

Township Parks

 The Public Works Department maintains eleven parks covering over 400 acres; approximately 300 acres is the Township portion of Exton Park. The Township also organizes recreational programming, including an egg hunt, holiday tree lighting, community day and fireworks; and provides administrative and logistical support for the Friends of the Parks’ summer concert series. We invite you to visit and enjoy our parks!

Report a problem with the equipment or facilities at one of our parks.

Access the individual Township Parks & Facilities for details and reservation information.

Information on holding a special event (race, festival, etc.) in the Township.

Township Parks

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog)

Dogs are allowed in all Township parks. Dogs must be leashed and may not be on any of the athletic fields or on the internal trail around the pond at Exton Park, in order to protect the wildlife there. Please be responsible and clean up after your furry friend.
tick stations at BRP

Tick Stations

Boot Road Park, along with some other parks in Chester County, has a tick station at Boot Road Park. Deer are attracted to these stations and receive an application of a safe tickicide (permethrin) as they feed. Deer ticks can cause lyme disease in people; these stations are being installed in County parks to protect the public.

More about tick control stations on the Chester County website

Lyme disease information at the Chester County Health Department website. 

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