The Public Works Department maintains 67 miles of Township roads and related infrastructure, which includes cleaning storm sewers, paving and sweeping streets, removing fallen trees and limbs from roads, clearing rights-of-way, repairing potholes and curbs, clearing snow and ice, traffic signal maintenance and sign maintenance/replacement. The department is also responsible for maintaining the Township vehicles and equipment.

State Road or Township Road?

There are approximately forty miles of state-owned roads in West Whiteland Township that are maintained and plowed by PennDOT’s Chester County Maintenance Office. Residents may call PennDOT at 484-340-3200 regarding problems on the state-owned roads (PDF).
There are a number of private roads throughout the Township, including various courts and terraces in many townhouse developments. West Whiteland Township does not maintain or plow privately-owned roads. Here is a list of private roads (PDF) and
Township roads (PDF).


Need to report a pothole? If you encounter a pothole on a Township road (PDF), please call 484-875-6020 or email. Or report a pothole online.
If you need to report a pothole on a state-owned road (PDF), please call the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) at 484-340-3200 or visit their website and select “Submit Roadway Feedback.” Once notified, PennDOT will work expeditiously to address roadway concerns as weather permits.

General Information

LED Traffic Signal Heads Question

The Township has replaced incandescent traffic signal heads with LED signal heads to reduce the cost of electricity and enhance visibility for motorists. The replacement of these bulbs also allows the Township to equip many of our intersections with battery back-up systems and emergency generators. These measures will help keep most of the traffic signals on the main road corridors of West Whiteland Township in operation during lengthy power outages.


For those of you who have sidewalks around your property, please remember to keep them in good repair. This is mandated by West Whiteland Township Ordinance.


Regarding Township roads and State roads, it is important to know that before any signage may be placed for which one may receive a citation e.g. speed limit, no parking, STOP signs, etc., an Engineering and Traffic Study must be done. The rules governing these studies are published by the Federal government. There is a “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” which indicates what signs may be placed, under what conditions they may be placed, and how the Engineering and Traffic Studies must be done.

Private and temporary signs are not permitted. They will be removed by the Township.

Traffic Signals

It is interesting to note that Pennsylvania is different from many states in that the traffic signals are owned and maintained by the municipalities in which they are placed, rather than by the respective state's Department of Transportation. However, municipalities must have a permit from PennDOT for each signal regarding the timing, location, sequencing, signing, etc. Before any traffic signal may be modified, PennDOT approval must be obtained, and this often takes weeks before timing or sequencing may be changed.